Can You Paint Over Clear Coat?

can you paint over clear coat

If you have a door, a kitchen cabinet, or other stuff previously sealed with a clear coat and you want to repaint it, which question will come to mind first? Can you paint over clear coat? This is normal because who would love to scrape all the previous paint and start over? The good thing … Read more

How to Make Lime Green Paint (A Complete Guide)

how to make lime green paint

The primary colors are responsible for secondary and tertiary colors. You may need to recall the processes of making lime green to accomplish your project, or you may need to help your children with their artwork. But your brain is not helping in recalling the elementary school color theory.  Don’t worry. You are about to … Read more

How to Make Metallic Paint: A Complete Guide

how to make metallic paint

Paint has always been this charming substance with lots of benefits. Its use is now increasing to such an extent that everything needs to be covered up with paint. However, because it enhances the beauty of the whole material, people are discovering several ways to use it. And one of them is how to make … Read more

How to Make Magenta Paint [A Complete Guide]

how to make magenta paint

Magenta is a smooth, luxurious, and somewhat mysterious color. It brings such beauty to interior designs that you may often find people asking: “how to make magenta paint”. First of all, magenta can be a tricky-to-make color, and some may say that you cannot make the perfect shade of magenta at all by mixing colors. … Read more