The Best HVLP Paint Sprayer in 2022 [Top HVLP Spray Guns]

It’s almost the holiday season. From grandpa’s rocking chair to backyard wood fence, the house needs a little retouch. Instead of painting with brushes and making clown faces, how about using a paint sprayer for the job this time?

An HVLP paint sprayer seems to be way handy and gives a much smoother finish. Okay, but there are tons of HVLP paint sprayers out there, how to choose the best paint sprayer?

best hvlp paint sprayer
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Look no further, here are the reviews of the best HVLP paint sprayer, ready to make your holiday preparations faster and easier. Don’t buy your next HVLP paint sprayers before you check this out.

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10 Best HVLP Paint Sprayer Reviews

Paint sprayers are widely used in the manufacturing industries and repainting services. These sprayers are great for painting surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, glass, and so on.

But to choose the best HVLP spray gun for your task, certain conditions should be met. The right paint sprayer gun should be versatile, safe, and easy to use.

Let’s take a quick look at our collection of handpicked paint sprayer that suits your job.

1. Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets (Also Overall Best) – Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer

At the top of our ‘Top 10 HVLP Paint Sprayers’ list, we have the fan-favorite Wagner Spraytech 0518080 control spray max. With some cool adjustment features like a pressure control dial, material flow adjuster, and an easy-to-use design, this paint sprayer makes its way to the top of the list like a real champion.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer

It has a powerful two-stage turbine, which makes it much easier to paint on surfaces with thin paints. It is also great for painting thinner materials like poly. This easy-to-use paint sprayer does not put its turbine weight in your hand rather it puts the weight on the ground. This awesome feature ensures you spraying comfort, so, painting any surface or walls of your home will be a breeze!

This powerful paint sprayer also comes with a great portable feature. Its convenient handle makes the turbine easy to carry wherever you want. Plus, its special washable feature gives you a clean painting experience after every use.

Top Features:

  • Its pressure control dial and material flow adjuster allow you to customize your paint flow to achieve a perfect finish every time.
  • Featured with a 20 ft. hose that connects the stationary base and sprays gun to reach the painting project easily.
  • Comes with a professional-grade metal 1 qt. cup and 1½ qt. cup.

2. Best Electric HVLP Paint Sprayer – HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer

Just after the Wagner Spraytech, we have the HomeRight C800971 in our reviews’ list. With an amazing 450 watts of power, this paint sprayer easily handles thicker varnishes and paints. So, no worries about thinning paint too much. It gives you freedom of choice when comes to adjusting the air cap, you can easily adjust it to round, vertical or horizontal spray.

HomeRight C800971.A HVLP Paint Sprayer

Its 39 fluid ounce container allows you to store enough paints to spray larger projects without having to refill every now and then.

It has precision brass spray tips and nozzles which ensure a superb performance over plastic counterparts. With an available range of 6 spray tips, you can go for any DIY painting projects without any hesitations.

Top Features:

  • Comes with an adjustable material flow control knob to ensure a quick increase or decrease of the material output.
  • Featured with a useful cleaning brush for making clean-up quicker and easier.
  • Comes with a modifiable air cap to atomize paint into tiny particles and achieving a factory-like finish.

3. Best Budget HVLP Paint Sprayer – REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer

REXBETI Ultimate – 750 paint sprayer, a powerful paint sprayer that enters this list of fame like a real conqueror! This budget killer spray gun is perfect for any wood furniture, chair car, or shutter. Its ergonomic design and easy-to-use functions take its status to a whole new level.

REXBETI Ultimate-750 HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun

With the technologies of REXBETI, this paint sprayer comes with an extra-long power cord to keep you on the move and meet any of your distant projects. Also, it’s incredibly lightweight body ensures a longer spraying time without any fatigue and opens a new dimension of the painting experience.

Coming with a 3.0 mm nozzle, this paint sprayer is just perfect for spraying latex paint, milk-type paint, and chalk-type paint. Also, with a 1000 ml high-capacity container, this paint sprayer can easily carry a lot of paint for covering large projects. So, this sprayer is just the thing you need for painting interior walls, chairs, tables, or fences.

Top Features:

  • Comes with 3 spray patterns and 4 nozzle sizes including a pre-installed 2.5 mm black nozzle on the gun.
  • Featured with a long 6.6 ft power cord for easy movement and spraying at a distant object.
  • The spray gun comes with an easy-to-wash feature and packaged cleaning attachments.

4. Best HVLP Handheld Paint Sprayer – Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590

With an amazing flow rate of 8.0 gallons per hour, this paint sprayer can cover an 8’ x 10’ surface with stain in just 1 minute! For latex paints, it takes only 5 minutes. It completes home improvement and DIY projects 10 times faster than a regular paintbrush or a roller. Also, it takes only 5 minutes for clean-up.

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Coming with all these super-fast features, this Wagner FLEXiO HVLP paint sprayer made its way to the fourth position of our selected HVLP Paint sprayers’ list.

With a range of 10 different speed settings, you can easily adjust the material flow and obtain the exact control. Also, you can adjust the pattern in horizontal, vertical, wide, or narrow modes.

An interesting fact is, with this Wagner Spraytech 0529010sprayer, you can spray exterior or interior paints right from the can. This feature works on even latex, oil enamels, or 2-in-1 paints and primers.

Top Features:

  • Included with two nozzles, iSpray nozzle for larger jobs and Detail Finish Nozzle for small projects and quality finish.
  • Featured with 10 different speed settings that help you to achieve the exact control and adjust the material flow.
  • It comes with four different pattern adjustments.

5. Best HVLP Sprayer for Furniture – YATTICH Paint Sprayer (YT-191)

Meeting the customer needs, the YATTICH paint sprayer comes with 3 different adjustable spray patterns – circular, horizontal, and vertical which help to achieve precise paintworks. Also, with a wide range of 5 nozzle sizes, this incredible paint sprayer is ideal for meeting any home or DIY project requirements, from cars and furniture to fences and garden tables.

YATTICH YT-191 High Power HVLP Spray Gun

Instead of plastic nozzles, the YATTICH paint sprayer uses copper nozzles to withstand more pressure and to reduce the chances of clogging. This helps to spray the surface in a more concentrated way.

This amazing paint sprayer comes with a rear foam pad to prevent paint from flowing to the back. And for your safety at work, it has double-layer material insulation. It also successfully passed a 1.5m height drop test with a fully loaded bottle to ensure the safety of your paint sprayer too.

Top Features:

  • It comes with 5 adjustable copper nozzles (1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm).
  • The spray gun is featured with a detachable design for easy cleaning.
  • A flow rate of 800ml/ minute for working with corners, surfaces, and edges.

6. Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun – Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity Spray System

With one of the powerful 2-stage spraying mechanism in the market, the Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO model grabbed our attention and made its place on our HVLP paint sprayer reviews. It comes with some cool professional features. It has a non-bleed feature and dedicated fan control for pattern size adjustments for providing a unique painting experience.

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO HVLP Spray System

The fan control ensures precise application and less waste. Also, multiple air caps allow for spraying a wide range of materials from latex to bathtub coatings, and its 1.3mm air cap is ideal for spraying other materials from medium to thin.

Its ‘Stay Cool’ handle with ergonomic design ensures full comfort. Also, it has a convertible feature (bottom feed to the gravity feed cup) for making your jobs easier to accomplish.

Top Features:

  • Included with a metal turbine case and easy-to-grab gun holder.
  • It comes with a massive 25ft hose which includes an air control valve for reducing the bounce back and overspray.
  • 1 Quart bottom and 400cc gravity feed cup capacity included.

7. Best HVLP Paint Spray Gun for Latex Paint – Earlex HV5500 Spray Station Paint Sprayer

Offering a powerful 650-watt turbine and a professional spray gun, the Earlex HV5500Spray Station provides a superior finish on any wooden work-piece. The two-stage turbine makes superb finishes on woodworking surfaces over less powerful counterparts.

Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer

It also comes with a flow control dial and a fast spray pattern changing system which is also known as “push-and-clickâ€. These features make it easier to paint in a round, horizontal, or vertical pattern.

Plus, this semi-pro paint sprayer goes perfectly with both oil-based and water-based materials. So, varnishes, urethanes, acrylics, thinned latex, or even stains are just perfect for this amazing paint sprayer.

This strong metal spray gun features a 2.0mm steel tip and needle. Its 1 qt. paint container is coated with PTFE, for this reason, it is more durable compared to plastic counterparts. So, this paint sprayer is a perfect choice for beginners to automotive enthusiasts.

Top Features:

  • It comes with a powerful 650-watt two-stage turbine for providing a superior finish woodworking surface.
  • Flow control dial and pattern changing system allows changing pattern into 3 different modes.
  • Featured with a 13 ft. hose and 5.5 ft. cord to keep you on the move.

8. Best HVLP Spray Gun for Woodworking – YATTICH Paint Sprayer (YT-201-A)

Meeting the customer’s needs, this YATTICH paint sprayer comes with a rear foam pad (like the previous YATTICH spray gun) to prevent paint from flowing to the back.

Its moisture and dust resistance features ensure extend motor life as well as effective and clean spray color. Also, its double-layer material insulation handles user’s safety at work.

YATTICH YT-201-A Paint Sprayer

This incredible paint sprayer comes with 3 different adjustable spray patterns. Simply adjusting the location of the air cap will give circular, horizontal, and vertical patterns to achieve precise paintworks. Also, a wide range of 5 nozzle sizes makes this amazing paint sprayer a great choice for your project.

Instead of plastic nozzles, this amazing paint sprayer uses copper nozzles; this reduces the chances of clogging and helps to spray the surface in a more concentrated way. Finally, the sprayer ensures durability while maintaining excellent operating temperature, anti-corrosion, and extend motor life.

Top Features:

  • Featured with a powerful, pure copper 700W high power motor to tackle even the hardest jobs.
  • Comes with 3 spray patterns; dot shape for sides, vertical shape for horizontal object surface, and horizontal shape for the opposite – vertical object surface.
  • Considering price and features, this best HVLP paint spray gun comes with a dustproof design for preventing dust intrusion.

9. Best Automotive HVLP Paint Sprayer – Graco-Sharpe 288880 FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

This is a compact and lightweight spray gun which comes with a 600cc aluminum cup to meet the painter’s needs. The Graco-Sharpe 288880 spray gun set also includes a wrench and a cleaning brush. It can be handled easily and can be cleaned effortlessly as the cleaning tool included in the box.

Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

This full-size paint sprayer gun comes with a low trigger pull. Its wide fan pattern helps to spray clear coats, metallic, and pearls evenly. Also, this well-mannered gun atomizes materials as you’re hoping to be. Painting car bumper and other parts of auto is really fun with this.

This spray gun is made of good quality Aluminum, stainless steel, and engineered plastic. Besides, this amazing paint sprayer gun weighs only 1.10 pounds. So, the lightweight body gives you maneuverability and reduces fatigue.

Top Features:

  • It comes with a lightweight and compact design.
  • A wrench and a cleaning brush are included in the set.
  • It also comes with a fan pattern, wide up to 12.5″.
  • Featured with a 1.4 mm fluid tip for fine atomization.

10. Best DIY HVLP Paint Sprayer – TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Last but not least, we have the TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP spray gun in our list. It has a 1.4mm fluid tip which gives fine atomization when spraying light to medium viscosity materials, clear or base coats.

TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun

This high-performance paint sprayer comes with control knobs for adjusting spray patterns, air pressure, and fluid control. Its full baffle head assembly produces a consistent and fine atomized spray. So, you will get a professional smooth finish after every spray.

This gravity feed HVLP spray gun contains a set of nozzles and a rust-free stainless-steel needle. Plus, the 1000cc cast aluminum fluid cup, six different nozzle sizes, and bonus accessories make it a great choice for amateurs to professionals.

Top Features:

  • Comes with a 1000cc cast aluminum fluid cup for holding paints, latex, primes, and more.
  • Included with a 1.4 mm fluid tip for achieving full atomization.
  • Featured with different nozzles for working with a wide range of materials.

HVLP Vs Airless Paint Sprayers

The main difference between an HVLP and an Airless paint sprayer lies in the science of how the paint is atomized and sprayed.

1. HVLP Paint Sprayers

The term HVLP stands for ‘high volume, low pressure’. From its name, you can easily understand that it uses a high volume of air at very low pressure. HVLP sprayers atomize using the volume of air that reduces the forward velocity and creates a softer spray.

2. Airless Paint Sprayers

Unlike HVLP sprayers, airless paint sprayers pump paint at high pressure through its hose and expel it through a very small hole in the spray gun tip. The pressure has to be very high, up to 3,000 PSI. Then the spray tip breaks down the paint evenly into very small droplets and they come in a fan-shaped spray pattern.

Key Differences between HVLP and Airless Paint Sprayers:

  • Due to using low pressure, HVLP paint sprayers create a finer finish than the Airless paint sprayers.
  • Since these sprayers use lower pressure, they make less over-spray than the Airless paint sprayers.
  • Thinning is required for HVLP spray guns as the orifices in the gun are small and when using a very thick material, the HVLP guns experience clogging. On the other hand, thinning is not necessary for Airless paint spray guns.

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How Does an HVLP Paint Sprayer Work?

The HVLP paint sprayers are the latest technology in the field of spray-painting technologies. So, it comes with the most efficiency.

These spray guns break down liquid paint materials into thousands of very small droplets, this process is known as atomization. These atomized paint droplets help the paint to reach almost into the molecular level which makes a smooth, even finish on the surface. But the unique thing about the HVLP paint sprayers is that they work with only 10 PSI to 20 PSI!

The HVLP guns contain several components working together to provide a perfect finish. They come in two different features gravity-feed designs and pressure siphons.

The pressure guns use pressurized fluid and allow the fluid to flow out through their valve-controlled small opening. The valve can be hand-actuated. In this type of spray gun, the airflow past the reservoir generates a low pressure for sucking out the paint and splitting it into tiny droplets when it exits from the opening of its gun.

The gravity-feed spray guns contain a reservoir mounted on top of the gun. The main job of the reservoir is to hold the paint and allow atmospheric pressure to work on the paint. So, due to gravity, the paint flows downwards. After that, it gets combined with a very high-speed exiting jet and gives smooth, even finishes.

Turbine HVLP Vs Normal HVLP

This section is dedicated to the two different types of HVLP paint sprayers, Turbine HVLP paint sprayer, and Compressor-fed or normal HVLP paint sprayer.

Turbine HVLP Paint Sprayer

  • A turbine HVLP paint sprayer gun utilizes a turbine to generate a volume of air to spray paint materials. The turbine draws enough air for atomization.
  • Turbine HVLP paint sprayers use a slower speed, so, they provide precise application and less overspray and bounce-back. That’s why turbine HVLP paint sprayers are more environmentally friendly.
  • A turbine spray gun offers portability. You can easily work anywhere if you just have an electric outlet. So, it is perfect for on-site painting.
  • Gravity Fed application and the absence of pressure tanks are the drawbacks of turbine HVLP sprayers.

Normal HVLP Paint Sprayer

  • A compressor-fed or normal HVLP paint spray gun utilizes compressed air to generate a volume of air for spraying paint materials.
  • Compressor HVLP paint sprayers use more power and higher speed, so, they cover large areas comparatively faster and are widely used in workshops and manufacturing facilities.
  • It allows conventional and other paint spray gun technologies. It can also handle multiple painters if the HVLP compressor is large enough.
  • It ensures long life under heavy use.
  • No portability and high cost are the drawbacks of normal paint sprayers.

Why Should You Use HVLP Paint Sprayers?

HVLP paint sprayers come with a wide range of benefits. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of these versatile paint sprayers.

  • Quality of Finish: HVLP Paint Sprayers breaks down liquid paint into tiny droplets. These tiny droplets help the paint to reach even the ‘hard to reach’ points of the work piece. So, you will get a quality finish after every spray.
  • Safety: As HVLP sprayers have higher transfer efficiency, they are very safe to use.
  • Paint Saver: These prayers provide less bounce back and overspray; ultimately, they reduce the waste of paint.
  • Money Saver: Due to reduced overspray and higher transfer efficiency, HVLP spray guns can cut the costs of paint.
  • Speed: Once again, the higher transfer efficiency of HVLP sprayers helps to deliver a greater amount of paint to the surface all the time. So, large areas of a workspace can be covered with paint in a short time.

Drawbacks of HVLP Spray Gun

Besides a large number of pros, HVLP sprayers have some cons too. Let’s take a look at them.

  • In HVLP paint sprayers, you can’t use thick paints. Due to using low pressure, they require only thin paints for providing quality finishes.
  • Due to their excellent quality finishes, these sprayers are relatively costly than other paint sprayers.
  • Sometimes you may face some problems like a clogged nozzle or air cap, slow material flow, overheating, and a few more problems with HVLP paint guns.

What to Consider when Buying the Right HVLP Paint Sprayers?

There are tons of HVLP paint spray guns competing in the market with almost similar features, capabilities, and price ranges. You may get easily confused.

Lucky for you, we have 5 stellar tips to find the best HVLP spray guns that meet your needs and fit your budget.

Tip 1: Choosing the Right Sprayer with Right Pressure

The main difference between a conventional air sprayer and an HVLP sprayer lies in the amount of pressure they use.

In conventional air sprayers, the air pressure at the air cap is the same as the pressure at the spray gun. Also, the same amount of pressure is used while pushing through but it reaches high pressure when expelling the paint.

On the other hand, in HVLP sprayers, the pressure gets changed when the paint reaches the air cap. The air cap holes are comparatively larger than the conventional sprayers. So, the air pressure drops when it reaches the cap. Don’t forget the volume, it remains the same.

So, due to pressure drop, the stream is weak, but volume is not! In the end, the high volume does the rest of the job. That’s why you get a smooth, even finish.

The inlet pressure of almost all the HVLP sprayers is around 40 to 60 PSI and at the cap, it is usually 10 PSI. The inlet pressure plays an important role in increasing the volume at the cap of the sprayer. This ultimately helps to cover larger areas in less time.

So, carefully check if the pressure is in between 0.1 to 10 PSI or not, it is the first thing that you should consider before buying an HVLP paint sprayer.

Tip 2: Checking the Capacity of the Paint Sprayer

The capacity of your HVLP paint sprayer means how much paint your sprayer can hold. The number of ‘stop and fill up again’ needed for completing a single job depends on the capacity of your sprayer.

The average capacity of an HVLP paint sprayer is 1000 ml. But depending on your project you can select 750 ml or even smaller, or you can go for larger ones around 1200 ml if you have a large project. But keep one thing in mind that the lesser the capacity of your spray gun the easier for you to maneuver.

Tip 3: Checking the Position of the Cups

There are two types of HVLP paint guns according to cup configurations.

  • Gravity-feed Cups: The name is self-explanatory; gravity is used for getting the paint to reach the gun. This design is very simple and gives you the freedom to paint from different angles. You can point the gun in any direction you feel comfortable. Plus, the paint reaches the gun easily, gravity does the job!
  • Under the Gun Cups: The guns containing cups under them give more stability. They manage weight properly, so, you can go with larger cups if you are working with these types of sprayers. They are also cheaper compared to guns with gravity-feed cups. The drawback is that they have a small opening. Therefore, it may get messy while refilling them.

Tip 4: Choosing the Right Spray Patterns and Nozzles

Painting with different materials requires different nozzle sizes. Paints like latex or chalk require nozzles with wider apertures while for thin paints you will need nozzles with narrower apertures. The size of the surface also plays an important role in choosing different nozzle sizes. So, you should choose sprayers that support a wide range of nozzles.

Another important thing that should be kept in mind is spray patterns. Spray patterns allow you to spray in different manners like circular, horizontal, or vertical. So, choose sprayers that give you the freedom to select different spray patterns.

Tip 5: Checking How Much Area the Sprayer Can Cover in a Minute

Maintaining a good speed at work is important. The ratings of spray guns are determined by how much paint they can expel in a minute. The unit for this is known as CFM which indicates the area covered with paint in cubic feet per minute. It’s not that much important but it’s worth checking.

Final Verdict

From applying some retouches on Grandpa’s rocking chair to painting your custom Batmobile, you can always count on the top-quality HVLP paint sprayer. With tons of paint sprayers on the market, even professionals may get confused when it comes to choosing the best one.

So, considering all the convenience that an HVLP paint sprayer gun can offer, we have made this list and reviewed some of the quality paint sprayers. And to declare the winner of our list, we suggest you go with the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer.

Considering all the cool features and improved technologies, other models on the list are worth giving a shot. So, you can count on any of these sprayers that meet your requirement and fit your budget.