8 Best Paint for Trailer Reviews [A Complete Buying Guide]

Paints are always there to enhance the beauty and they provide extra protection to any materials. From mobile to immobile materials, different types of paints are available in the market with different formulas to increase their durability.

If you have a trailer, it also requires some refinement and by painting it with the best paint, you can fulfill its beautification. For this purpose, we have pulled out a great list of the best paint for trailer.

As many people ask what the best paint is for a trailer, we gave a thought to provide you with some ideas about it. Trailers are common on roads, farms, rivers, and other manufacturing factories. Therefore, they require different formulas of paints to tackle their exposure to natural calamities.

Thinking of all these aspects, we approved some best paints for the trailer with a complete buying guide. So, let’s have a thorough glance at it.

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Why Do You Need to Paint a Trailer?

Paints are made to support surfaces that go through heavy-duty in everyday life and those have to expose to the outside weather constantly.

A trailer provides great service in farms, manufacturing factories, and other work sectors to import or carry different items on a regular basis. Some of these trailers have to run through a road and some through a waterline. And painting supports a trailer for an easy journey for sure.

To Enhance Its Resistance: As most of the trailers are made of metals, these require some real kind of attention. Metal is usually prone to rust, corrosion, and scales. If you do not use protection, then these will eat up the strength of metals and make them fragile. Therefore, using heavy-duty paint is required to prevent corrosion, extreme rusty surfaces, remove scales, and more.

To Increase the Durability: Paints are made with formulas friendly for the particular situation. If you buy the right kind of paint to paint your trailer following the right procedure, you will get a long-time service from the trailer. The longevity of the service will amaze you. Besides, you will be saved from spending money on trailers within a few years.

To Get an Intensive Protection: Most importantly, you need to provide intense protection to your trailer. It happens that too much exposure to sun or rain makes the metal surface porous and moisture easily gets its way to affect it negatively.

Therefore, intense protection by painting the whole surface is required. Only a very tough coating of quality paint can bring this advantage to your trailer. So, of course, it is needed.

How to Choose the Best Trailer Paint?

It is important to take great notice of what you are actually buying. As paints are of different kinds, not every type of paint is suitable for a trailer. Therefore, you need to find some selective aspects while buying a suitable one. For your convenient, we are going to uphold those aspects.

Paint Type:

You need to understand what type of paint is your call. There are two basic kinds of paints, water-based and oil-based. As water-based paints are less messy while applying on a surface, many people ask for this paint.

On the other hand, though oil-based paints require much while applying, they provide extreme longevity. However, it still depends on the type of surface and its range of duty. For heavy-duty trailers, oil-based enamel paints are more suitable.

Curing Time:

Another important aspect to notice is the time that a particular type of paint takes to cure. As time is very precious, your choice of paint should be done wisely. Many paints take forever to be cured properly, especially oil-based paints.

But good paints take 4 to 5 hours or at best a full day to be cured properly. If it takes unnecessarily more time, then avoid buying this paint.

Choosing the Color:

Looks do matter and a trailer should be of the same color as the truck or wagon, or contrastive color will also provide a modern taste in color choices. But to match the color with the truck, you need to choose one from a good brand.

As some type of paint tends to oxidize soon, the color starts to fade. Then again, some cans do not carry the same color as depicts in the can. Therefore, carefully select the color of paint for your trailer.

Finishing Look:

Your choice for painting should also consider the finishing look. The best paint for the trailer frame might not provide a steady finishing look like the best spray paint for a boat trailer. Then again, painting mobile home walls requires a finishing that might not get along with the finishing of trailer paint. Also, your taste and desire matter to a great extent.

A glossy finish is required in places where a good decoration is needed. However, most paints offer a glossy, semi-gloss, and matte finish look and it completely depends on you what finishing look your mood wants.

Adhesion and Protective Qualities:

Checking adhesion is the most effective thing to do before buying it. Some paints require a primer so the paint adheres to the surface more strongly. Other paints carry priming quality in them and provide adhesion as powerful as a primer.

This adhesion determines how much paint is capable to tackle rust and corrosion. Besides, moisture and sun heat cannot make the bond loose and fragile if the adhesion is worthy.

The Best Paint for Trailer Reviews 2022

As we have already mentioned once that not all paints are the same, it would be very wise on your part if you learn what paint is able to provide in the first place. It is possible that the best paint for the enclosed trailer floor is pretty much different from the best paint for a utility trailer. Therefore, learning about paints for the betterment of a particular trailer is completely your benefit.

1. POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint | Stop Rust & Corrosion Permanently

As trailers are made of metals, we have chosen this POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint as our first pick for its amazing feature of preventing rust from the surface. This oil-based paint offers a long-time service without decaying easily. It creates a fine barrier for the moisture to penetrate into a metal surface. Even salt, UV rays, chemicals, or wear and tear cannot battle with the superiority of the paint.

On top of that, the surface will be completely free of pores and it is resistant to chemicals as well. The glossy finish of this paint approves its premium standard and high consistency of the coating. It guarantees to stop rust for good from the surface. Moreover, if you follow the instruction of the 3-Step Stop Rust System, then the result will be more fruitful.

Therefore, many professional DIYers have found this paint as their reliable source. Unlike other ordinary paints, Preventive Paint is more active in the curing process when water is present there. It helps to create an extremely tough finish that even a hammer cannot destroy the bond. However, the paint takes hours to be cured properly.


  • Works finely on porous surfaces like wood, concrete, or fiberglass.
  • The perfect paint for commercial marine, automotive industries to resist rust.
  • Easily provides a seamless nonporous surface with some thin layers of coating.


  • It takes 3 to 5 hours to dry to the touch.

2. TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint for Canoes, Dinghies, and More

If you want to learn about the best paint for a boat trailer then learn about this boat paint first. This amazing boat paint happens to suit bass boats, duck boats, pontoons, canoes, Jon boats, dinghies, and more.

As a tough marine paint, it is immensely durable because of its polyurethane formula. It helps to adhere mostly to galvanized and aluminum metals without any contraction.

Another advantageous fact is you don’t have to spend money on primer to prime the surface before painting. It’s because this paint already contains priming qualities and is an expert in preventing the effect of chemical damages, abrasion, rust, corrosion, and UV rays. With a non-reflective finish, it is able to provide a camouflage effect for the sake of hunting.

This best upper and bottom paint for a trailer boat can also be used in a paint sprayer to provide you the benefit to apply easily. On top of that, it dries super fast. But one coat is not enough, you need to apply 2 or 3 coats to get a fine effect.

However, it also doesn’t require sanding in between every coating. So, you are free of some laborious work. As it comes with environment-friendly components without chromate, it emits low odor and low VOCs.


  • Dries up in one hour while the temperature is at 72 degrees F.
  • Very easy to clean and allows soapy water for the job.
  • The seamless finishing won’t allow the surface to chip or fade.


  • Single coating doesn’t provide the perfect result.

3. Rust-Oleum 207006 Marine Topside Paint

This Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint is another top-notch enamel paint for its high ability to fight rust and corrosion. Besides, this topside paint is not limited to serve metal-based surfaces only. You can also use this paint on wood, fiberglass, and other surfaces. But make sure, the surfaces you are painting are above the waterline.

Because this paint has an oil-based formula in it, it ensures long-term service. Besides that, the formula knows how to provide a proper finish by leveling up evenly on the surface. Also, the flexibility of this paint increases its endurance to a great extent. You will have a glossy finish and this also enhances the beauty for sure.

Unlike many oil-based paints, this paint takes only 1 or 2 hours at best to dry to touch. The can of the paint also comes in a convenient size. It can cover a space of 100 square feet in measure easily. In extreme weather conditions, this paint shows its charisma by not being patchy or breaking down its strong bonds. It also saves the surface from the dangerous rays of ultraviolet.


  • Provides an elegant finish with superior gloss retention.
  • Can be applied to versatile surfaces including slightly rusted metals and walkways.
  • Amazing topside paint provides protection to a full boat.


  • A quality brush is needed to avoid mess while painting.

4. Hammerite 5084857 Direct to Rust Metal Paint

Hammerite 5084857 Direct to Rust Metal Paint is the best paint for a rusty trailer and it fights with rust tactfully. The liquid condition of the paint helps to level up equally and evenly on the material. This paint knows how to serve and it lasts for 8 straight years or more. You will get a white color with a smooth finish after applying this paint.

Most importantly, priming before applying this paint is not necessary. The adhesion capability of this paint is appreciable. With the priming components, this paint offers extra adhesion to the surface.

Even heavy rainfall or unwanted heat cannot create any damage to it. Metals that are prone to rust and already rusted are saved by this paint. And if you want a decorative finish, this paint can also provide that.

A high sheen finishing with a flawless surface is all you can imagine by using this paint. Besides, it takes less time to cure completely. This paint is featured so efficiently that you can have three major benefits in just one formula. With the priming advantage, you can grab the advantage of using the paint for the topcoat and undercoat as well.


  • A direct paint on rust premium products heightens its supremacy.
  • Offers you to direct apply this paint on rusted metals without hesitation.
  • Long-time durability and keeps up the smooth glossy finish in any weather condition.


  • The tin contains less amount of paint.

5. Rust-Oleum, Black 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray

We found Rust-Oleum 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray as the best spray paint for a metal trailer. As it sets on a metal-based surface comfortably and with great adhesion, you can trust this paint without any doubt. Besides, its easy application system makes it the best paint for the trailer floor as well.

Apart from that truck beds, fenders, trailer decks can be easily painted if you have this coating spray. This spray bottle provides immense maneuverability. You can point the tip of the sprayer at any angle and press it to make the paint reach the point where you want to paint. Because of this easy procedure, your fingers are also saved from fatigue.

Not only offers durability, but this paint also dries super quickly. Within one hour, you will find the paint dry to touch. It maintains conformity with the truck beds and eventually protects them from natural haphazard. The non-skid finishing reduces noises in the road and prevents scratches to happen. And, of course, the brand is popular in maintaining its feature of resisting rust from metals.


  • The easy application method of the paint reduces fatigue and hard work.
  • Perfect for exterior decoration and takes a long time to fade.
  • Perfect for lessening road noise and an even truck bed surface.


  • A little abrasive and not for painting a floor.

6. Krylon® 1969 Farm & Implement Brush, High Gloss, Architectural Paints

Krylon® 1969Architectural Paint has this extreme ability to provide a heavy pigmented cover to the surface. This paint gives service to metals and the best paint for equipment trailers so to speak. With every brush, while painting something, you can get the exact equipment color out of it and an original effect will be provided as well.

Then again, the pigmentation of the paint is so evident that it will stop corrosion to occur on the surface and a genuine color will pop out of it. The high-gloss finish also increases the look of the trailer and this color is also best for the trailer deck. The front look becomes more beautiful with the touch of the paint.

Besides, you can apply the paint directly on metal-based surfaces for tough protection. Because it is formulated with heavy-duty components, it can handle the most hazardous situation and weather conditions swiftly. Being a single-stage part, it offers you to add a hardener separately to get more of a perfect result.


  • Effectively resist corrosion from the metal-based surfaces.
  • A direct application of the metal method eases your work.
  • The first curing advantage and high gloss finish give a perfect look.


  • The color has a fast oxidizing problem and loses the glossy look eventually.

7. Magnet Paint UCP99-01 Chassis Saver Rust Preventative Paint

We chose this Magnet Paint UCP99-01 because it provides a solid coating. This solid coating is highly durable and determined to prevent corrosion from utility trailer floor or chassis. Therefore, this is also the best paint for trailer chassis according to several professionals and DIY experts.

It is VOC compliant and knows how to work as a primer and topcoats as well. Besides, this paint carries special components to prevent rust from the very beginning of its application. But you need to fulfill some basic instructions before applying this paint. Better peel off the loose scales and rust from the metal surface and then apply the paint to get a satisfying result.

These steps before the application will also increase the adhesion of the paint. Also, a rock-hard surface with great resilience can be made out of this paint. Its chassis saver bonds are ready to provide a glazy finish and block all the pores of the surface. Moreover, it prevents oxygen and moisture to penetrate the surface, and thus chipping or cracking doesn’t occur here as well.


  • Provides a strongly cured finish even though doesn’t require a hardener.
  • Knows how to provide a smooth finish with a rock-hard finishing.
  • Contains flexibility and strongly prevents rust and corrosion from metals.


  • An upright method is required to have a great result.

8. Valspar 4432-07 Transport Yellow Tractor and Implement Paint

Our last best option is this Valspar 4432-07 paint because it provides the advantage of enamel paint. This paint provides several colors as origin as the equipment manufacturer colors. However, this paint is a master in resisting abrasive and corrosion at any time. Apart from that for the wood trailer floor, this paint works best.

You can have a heavy-duty performance. With O.E.M color-matched rust-resistant ability, this paint is a perfect choice and best paint for car trailers as well. Stormy weather or scorching heat, nothing can stand in front of this paint. Not only for metals but plastic and wooden surfaces are also suitable for this paint if you just prepare them rightly beforehand.

Being oil-based enamel paint, this paint also stays on the surface for many years. This paint works as best as before when you are up to repaint something.  Many professionals have recommended applying this paint mixing with a hardener to get a more effective result. A matte and glaring finish look will make your trailer slay.


  • Can be used in a sprayer for a better application.
  • Provides several colors to cope up with the color of the metal.
  • Prevents rust and creates a shield to protect the surface from unfriendly weather.


  • Requires some preparation to provide a fruitful result.

How to Paint a Trailer?

After all this knowledge about paints of trailers, it will also be convenient if you take a thorough glance at its process of application. Painting a trailer is not tough and if it’s a new trailer, the work amount becomes half. However, let’s see the procedure of painting a trailer step by step at once.

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

Collect all the materials that you need before you start painting. Once you are prepared with these materials, the job will be done quickly. Here is the shortlist of what you need to accomplish this job.

  • A quality rust preventive paint
  • Sandpaper and scrapper
  • Paintbrush
  • Soapy water
  • A quality primer
  • Ventilation system
  • Hand gloves and mask
  • Mineral spirit

Step 2: Prepare Your Trailer

Separate the trailer from the wheel and prepare it for the paint. If your trailer is new, then cleaning it with soapy water to remove the dust and debris is enough before applying paint. But if it is old and has rust, scale, and old paint there, then sanding it is important. But before that, clean the surface with mineral spirit and it will loosen the bond of rust and old paint.

Then start scraping the stubborn remainder. Scrape as hard as possible. It will surely help to remove most of the rust and old paint will strip off also. Sand and scrape as per the situation and use mineral spirit again to clean the residue.

Step 3: Clean the Trailer

Now it’s time to use a detergent solution or soapy water to give your trailer a deep clean. This will pull out germs and dust from the trailer. Otherwise, if you paint the trailer keeping the dust on, the paint will not adhere to the surface properly and it will be a loss project.

However, after you give it a deep clean, wipe the excess water with a clean rag. Also, give it some time to fully dry. Once it is completely dry, prepare yourself by wearing a mask and hand gloves before starting to apply the paint. As these paints carry heavy-duty formula, emitting chemicals and bad odor can affect your skin and lungs. Therefore, take full precautions.

Step 4: Apply a Primer

Now that, the trailer is all dry and ready, you can jump into the primal step. For this, ventilation or air passage is needed in the space. However, once you get the required space, it’s time to apply a quality primer. Apply the primer using a brush properly. Make sure it reaches the narrow spaces as well.

After applying primer, it needs to be cured properly. To get along with the surface and paint, this primer works like a linking breeze. Once it is cured, go to the next step.

Step 5: Apply a Rust-preventive Paint

After applying the primer, the surface becomes strongly prepared for the next application of the paint. You can also mix a hardener in the rust-preventive paint to make it more fruitful.

Then take a brush and apply it thoroughly to the trailer. You can also use different finishing of different paint for different segments of a trailer.

Using a sprayer to apply paint quickens the job, so, you can also think of it. The first coating might not result effectively. Therefore, when it is cured properly, apply a second coating to get an appeasing result in the same manner.

Then wait till it dries. A topcoat to protect the paint is also appreciable. And that’s how you are done with the painting process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paints for Trailer

What kind of paint do you use on a trailer?

As a trailer is metal-based most often, it requires paints that can tackle or fight rust, corrosion, scales, and other problems. Also, because a trailer not only is seen on roads, but also on waterlines, you need to be careful while choosing the paint.

Basically, Rust-oleum paints are good to stop the metal from getting attacked by rust. Also, paints that carry heavy-duty features in order to give a long-term performance are also required. For the wooden floor, you can consider paints that make seamless and non-porous finishing for endurance and longevity.

Can you paint a rusted trailer?

A rusted trailer means the rust has already started to eat up the rigidity of the metal. In this situation, painting can resurrect the life of the metal. But you need to follow certain methods. You cannot just directly apply paint on it.

First, you need to remove layers of rust as much as possible. Scrub, sand, or scrape, and peel off the larger amount of the rust. Then for the remainder, use a power tool. It will also make the surface even and increase its adhesive power. For a less rusty trailer, you can go for the paints that have no problem if applied directly on it.

What is the toughest paint for metal?

As metals are sensitive to rust and corrosion, they require special treatments. Generally, oil-based enamel paints are suitable for them because they comply with heavy-duty formulas. It guarantees durability and enhances the beauty of metal.

By increasing the lifetime, this paint works as the best kind of shield. From rescuing your metal from moisture to providing a good look to it, oil-based enamel paints are really cool at their job.

What kind of paint do you use on utility trailers?

Paints that stop rust to attack metals are perfect for use on utility trailers. The frame of a utility trailer is mostly made of metal. And all metal needs rust-preventive paint and oil-based formula for longevity and strong adhesion.

But as the floor of a utility trailer is of a different kind, you need to be considerate. Some paints are perfect both for wooden floors and metal-based floors. But if the floor is made of plywood, then avoid applying it because they don’t get along with each other.

How do you prepare an old trailer for paint?

To prepare an old trailer for paint, you need to have sandpaper with the coarse grit, scraper, wire brush, and detergent solution. All these materials will help you to pull out old rust and scale out of the trailer. A long-abandoned trailer is surely filled with layers of scales and rusts.

Therefore, to paint on this trailer, you need to remove as many layers of rust as possible. Then for the residue, you need to use a detergent solution or some commercial solution. Only then, paint can adhere to the surface with vividness.

Final Thoughts

Trailers are always busy carrying heavy elements exposed to the rough weather on a regular basis. Great maintenance can help your trailer to increase its lifespan by fighting its enemy. Rust and scratches and layers of scales are common that your metal-based trailer has to face. And that’s why painting is a great solution for many users.

The above-mentioned best paint for trailer reviews will surely help you to take good care of a trailer. Besides, the experience will not betray you, if you have already given a thorough reading with the buying guide and step-by-step procedure of painting rightly of a trailer. Restore the agility of your old trailer and maintain it efficiently by using these quality paints.