5 Best Paint Options for Vinyl Shutters: A Quick Guide [2022]

Navy Blue Exterior Vinyl Shutters

Freshly painted shutters can add instant character and charm to your home! Exterior shutters can be used to improve your home’s curb appeal. Whereas indoor shutters allow direct sunlight to gently filter through your windows into your home.

In this article, I’m going to focus on the 5 best paint options for exterior vinyl shutters.

Painting Exterior Wood Shutters vs. Exterior Vinyl Shutters

Older homes may have their original exterior wood shutters still intact while recently updated or more modern homes may have newer vinyl shutters installed. If your home falls into the latter category or if you plan on installing new vinyl shutters soon but haven’t fallen in love with the available manufacturer color choices yet, you’re in luck!

You can update the whole look of your home by simply doing away with your old shutter paint color and opting for a new coat of paint that better fits your ideal aesthetic. Better yet, we’ll even help you choose the best paint for the job.

So let’s jump right in. What are the best paint options for shutters?

Best Paint Options for Vinyl Shutters


1. ECOS Exterior Vinyl Siding Paint

Not only is this paint specifically designed to be used on exterior vinyl siding and shutters, but it’s also self-priming and requires minimal prep-time. This makes it an excellent option for DIYers looking to add some curb appeal to their home by freshening up their shutters and changing their original color.

This paint is a water-based paint that can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed on. A great characteristic of this paint is that it is a zero-VOC formula, meaning it doesn’t have the same harsh chemicals and odors of other exterior paints while still offering notable durability and washability. Each 1-gallon can of paint is self-priming and covers approximately 500 square feet of surface area.

Key Features:

  • ​​Designed specifically for exterior vinyl siding and shutters.
  • ​VOC-free, low-odor formulation.
  • ​Provides a highly durable and washable finish.
  • Covers 500 square feet per gallon.

2. Valspar Duramax Satin Base 1 Tintable Latex Exterior Paint + Primer

The main reason this high quality shutter paint option stands out is its unwavering durability, versatility, and availability. Acrylic paints are known for being highly weather resistant and long-wearing. Unsurprisingly, they make for excellent exterior paint choices and this particular formulation is no different and is readily available at your local Lowe’s. Being a high-hiding formulation, this paint can cover darker colors (perhaps you currently have black shutters, for example) without the need for endless coats of paint and without the need for a latex primer.

And if that weren’t enough to sell you on this vinyl shutter paint option, this product is also mildew resistant and can be applied in a wide range of temperatures (from 35 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit). The fact that this can be used on vinyl materials as well as wood, aluminum, masonry, cement, concrete, and even metal makes this paint option a win for anyone with a variety of exterior paint projects to tackle, such as painting your front door to match your new, beautiful exterior shutters.

Key Features:

  • 100% acrylic.
  • High-hiding and weather resistant.
  • Prevents runs, peeling, cracking, and blistering.
  • Versatile and long-lasting multipurpose paint.
  • Easy to apply, fast-drying, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

3. PPG1108-6 Shutter Bug Semi-Gloss Exterior Paint

Because our readers may prefer one big-box store over another, we figured it was important to provide the best paint option available at Home Depot, also. The PPG PERMANIZER line of paints is as steadfast in durability and color as it sounds with better coverage than other options. Just like our #2 pick, this exterior paint is 100% acrylic and covers with superior adhesion, weather resistance, and UV protection. This paint is an excellent choice for regions with high humidity due to the fact that it offers both mildew protection as well as a preservative that prevents paint discoloration due to algae.

This product can be applied in a wide range of temperatures (from 35 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and can be used on vinyl materials, aluminum, masonry, cement, concrete, and metal. Its single-coat color-hide promise makes it quick and easy to apply and offers excellent coverage for that pop of color you hope to add to your vinyl shutters.

Key Features:

  • 100% acrylic.
  • High-hiding and weather resistant with UV protection.
  • Provides a warranty against peeling, cracking, or flaking on residential properties.
  • Versatile and long-lasting multipurpose paint.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. Krylon Fusion All-In-One

Because so many DIYers swear by spray paint for their weekend warrior painting needs, we’ve chosen the best spray paint option for vinyl shutters to include in our review. If you were to ask professional painters, they would probably say that spray painting your plastic vinyl shutters may not be the best way to get the results you’re hoping for and that you’re much more likely to get better (and less expensive) results using one of the other options on our list with something like an airless paint sprayer, but Krylon Fusion All-In-One is a fair choice if you are adamant about using a canned spray paint option. If nothing else, it’s an easy way to change the current look of your shutters.

What makes this particular kind of paint a good option is that it can be used on interior or exterior projects and it bonds to a variety of typically difficult-to-paint surfaces without sanding or priming. This includes wood, metal, wicker, plastic, glass, plaster/ceramic, PVC, tile, wrought iron, masonry, laminate, and, of course, hard vinyl (including vinyl shutters). Plus, you can’t beat the ease of application. It also comes in a huge variety of color options, both muted and bright. Overall, if spray paint is your go-to for painting your vinyl shutters, this one is a good option.

Key Features:

  • Easy to apply and dries quickly.
  • ​Exceptional, durable bonding capability to a variety of material.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor.
  • Wide variety of colors available.
  • Easy to match color for touch-ups in the future.

5. Painter’s Select Exterior Urethane Fortified Satin Porch and Floor Coating

By “off-label”, we mean that our #5 choice was not necessarily designed to be used on vinyl surfaces, but that it is still an effective choice, albeit unconventional. Acrylic urethane resin paint is ideal for use on vinyl shutters for a variety of reasons. The first is that it is designed for high traffic exterior floor use like you’d find on porches or decks. In other words – it is virtually the definition of “durable”. Secondly, it is designed to expand/contract with weather changes, resulting in longer wear and less cracking or peeling than other paints. Thirdly, because it was designed to be used as a flooring material, it is also easy to clean materials that have been painted with this option.

So even though a Urethane Fortified Porch and Floor paint may not be typically used on exterior shutters, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to try out this product.

Key Features:

  • ​Low VOC formula means less odor.
  • ​The most durable option on the list.
  • ​Epoxy-like bond makes vinyl application a piece of cake.
  • Available online.

Is It Better to Paint or Replace Vinyl Shutters?

This will depend on the current condition of your existing exterior shutters. The most common reason vinyl shutters need replacing or re-painting is that the UV rays beating down on the vinyl day after day can damage the old paint or vinyl and cause the shutters to fade, warp, or crack depending on how much heat and weather adversity the existing paint can handle.

In some cases, simply re-painting your shutters will do the trick. However, if your exterior shutters are severely damaged or cracked, then painting will not be sufficient and you may need to replace them.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Vinyl Shutters?

Acrylic, acrylic urethane, or latex paints designed specifically for vinyl or plastic and are the best choice for painting vinyl shutters. Keep in mind that when you are painting your vinyl shutters, paint adhesion is very important. For this reason, it’s recommended that you avoid oil-based paints which will not adhere to vinyl surfaces well.

​How to Paint Vinyl ​Shutters – Video Guide Using A Sherwin Williams Product

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