How to Make Body Paint at Home Step by Step

how to make body paint at home

Do you love to paint your body for different occasions? If you like to paint your body then right now you’re in the right place. Did you know you can save your money by making homemade body paint?. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to make body paint at home step by step.

So, if you want to learn more about it, and you want to save your money, please read the full post. I hope you’ll get some extra benefit from this making body paint content & it will save your money as well.

how to make body paint at home
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How to Make Body Paint at Home: Two Ways

Method 1: Hand Sanitizer and Food Coloring

Things You’ll Need

  • ​Hand Sanitizer
  • ​Food Coloring
  • ​Container
  • White Tempera Paint

Make Your Own Body Paint

​You can easily make body paint with clear hand sanitizer and food coloring.

Step 1

Simply place some hand sanitizer in your container. If you want to make a little bit of paint, use a small amount of hand sanitizer. But, if you would like to make more amount of paint, then use enough amount of hand sanitizer.

Step 2

After that, add few drops of food coloring into the container (If you want to make a deep color, add a little bit more food color).

Step 3

Now mix well hand sanitizer & food coloring. To do this, shake the container well until the food coloring & hand sanitizer mixed well.

Step 4

If you want to make lighter shades of color, add a few drops of white tempera paint into the container and then mix it well.

Step 5

​Now you can use your homemade paint. You can use a paintbrush to paint your body, or you can use your finger.

Method 2: Lotion and Food Coloring

Things You’ll Need:

  • ​Body lotion
  • ​Food Color
  • ​Container
  • Watercolor (If you want to make deep color)

Make the Body Paint

You can make a good quality body paint with white body lotion. You can put white body lotion, food color & watercolor together and mix it well to make a quality paint.

Step 1

At first, place some white body lotion into your container. If you want to have more paint, add a little bit more body lotion.

Step 2

Now place a few drops of food coloring into the container.

Step 3

Mix the food coloring & body lotion well, before you use it. To mix the body lotion & food coloring well, shake your container until it blends well.

Step 4

If you want to have a deep color paint, add some watercolor paint into the container and then shake the container once again to mix the mixture well. This homemade paint easily washes off.

Method 3: Cornstarch, Body Lotion, Food Coloring and Water

Things You’ll Need:

  • ​Cornstarch
  • ​Body Lotion
  • ​Food Color
  • Water
  • Bowl

Make the Body Paint

You can easily make a simple cornstarch paint for painting by using body lotion, cornstarch, food coloring, water.

Step 1

Add four tablespoons of cornstarch into your container.

Step 2

Place two tablespoons of body lotion into the container.

Step 3

Now add two tablespoons of water and few drops of food coloring into the container.

Step 4

Use a stick or a long spoon to stir the mixer, do this process until all four components mixed well.

Step 5

Congratulation!! You’ve done the job, and now you can use it. You can easily use this homemade paint, and we hope it will easily wash off.

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​Make Homemade Body Paint Step by Step

Here’s another homemade paint recipe for painting your body, that you can try at home, I hope you’ll get a better result from this paint.

​Stuff You’ll Need:

  • ​Flour
  • ​Cornstarch
  • ​Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Light Corn Syrup
  • Small Cups (Disposable)
  • Paint Brush

Step Number One:

Place six tablespoons of cornstarch & two tablespoons of flour in your bowl, and then combine it well.

Step Number Two:

Now you’ve to add five or seven cups of light corn syrup. Take your tablespoon and add it by your tablespoon & stir it well after one of each addition for better results.

​Step Number Three:

Add four to six cups of water by your tablespoon, after each addition, stir it well. Continue the process until the mixture become smooth.

Step Number Four:

Now you’ve to use your disposable cups. Put your mixture into separate disposable cups.

Step Number Five:

If you want to make different colors of paint then you should use different colors of food coloring. Now you can simply add a different food coloring to the cup of mixture, one drop at a time. After that, stir it well to mix the mixture perfectly.

Step Number Six:

Now your homemade paint is ready for use. You can use your paintbrush to apply the paint, or you can simply use your fingers to apply the paint. After applying the paint, you must dry it on air.

Washing Tips

This paint is very easy to wash off, you can remove this paint with water & soap.


​I hope this informative blog post will help you a lot with making body paint at home. Also, I hope these recipes will save your money, and you’ll get the safest body paint as well. If you like to do body painting, try these four recipes.

What Are the Different Types of Paint to Use on Glass?

what kind of paint to use on glass

You can make your glass more attractive and beautiful with paint. Typically, glass painting not a tough job, if you know how to do it the right way. But, if you want a better result, you’ve to select the right paint. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about types of paint to use on glass.

what kind of paint to use on glass
Image by 5598375 from Pixabay

So, if you want to learn more about this topic, please read this blog post till the end. I hope this informative content will help you a lot in selecting the right paint for your glass.

Important Tips when Selecting Paint for Glassware

If you want to decorate your glassware with paint, don’t just buy paint without knowing the paint is safe for the human body.

At first, carefully read the manufacturer’s label to find out whether the paint is safe to use on your glassware or not.

If you see the paint is safe for glassware, then you can go for it. For other glass (except glassware), you can use any types of glass paint.

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​Different Types of Paint ​to Use on Glass

​Here I’ve listed below different type of paint that you can use on your glass:

​1. Acrylic glass paint

Acrylic glass paint is one of the most popular glass paint, that you can use on your glass. Additionally, acrylic paints are specially made for glass painting. You may find different acrylic glass paint brands and some brands need to be oven cured for better and perfect durability.

These acrylics can be painted on your glass with a sponge or a soft and pliable paintbrush. You can mix up the colors together if you use the same brand. If you haven’t tried acrylics on your glass, you can try it. I hope you may love these acrylic glass paints.

​2. Tile and glass medium

Did you know glass & tile medium available on the market for the glass painting job? Glass and tile medium is a special kind of medium that you can apply on your all glass piece, just like a primer.

Once it dries, it makes a surface with enough grip to hold any types of acrylic paints on your item. To get a better result, apply this medium with a soft, large brush or a sponge. And make your design with a soft, and small brush.

​3. Enamel glass paints

This paint works well on glass, and also it works well on other shiny or smooth surfaces such as ceramics or metal as well. You can select opaque or transparent enamel glass paints.

Basically, transparent enamels make the glass look like solid-colored glass. But you may find the color will change when you put different color liquids on your item.

These paints must be air-dried (for one to several days) before you use your painted items again. You should use this paint with a soft small brush or with a sponge for having a good result.

If you want, you can mix the colors as long as you use the same brands. Overall, enamel glass paint is one of the excellent glass paint.

4. Glass paint markers

If you would like to draw or write on your glasses, glass paint markers will be an ideal option for you. Glass paint markers are one of the great options for those who don’t like to paint with a paint-brush.

These markers color is long-lasting, sometimes even dishwasher safe. So, if you want to write on your glass, you can choose glass paint markers.

But before you purchase one for your next project, make sure to read the product description. If you read the description, then you’ll have the right product.

​5. Oil-based glass paint

Oil-based paints are not popular, but still, you can use oil-based paint on your glass items. Additionally, colors are either opaque or transparent.

If you use this type of paint on your glass, colors not going to come off on hand wash. Because oil-based paints don’t come off in the water. You should use a soft brush for application, and wash your painted items with solvent-based cleaning products rather than using water and soap.

Final Verdict

I hope now you know how many types of paints are available for glass painting. Before you start painting your glass, wash your glass with rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or water and soap.

Once you’ve washed, completely dry your glass, and then start painting. If you do this, this will remove the dust, grease from your glass and you’ll get the better color.

Also, don’t forget to wear painting glass, and put some paper towels or any cloth inside your items.

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