How to Paint Ceramic Pots: 2 Ways and Step by Step

Ceramic pots are one of the most common planter. Many peoples use this type of pots for gardening. These pots are especially best for tropical plants that need their soil moistened for a long time. Besides, when these pots are painted, it looks amazing.

how to paint ceramic pots
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So, do you want to paint your ceramic pot? If the answer is yes, we will say that you are in the best place. Here we will give the ultimate guide on how to paint ceramic pots. Let’s check it out.

How to Paint Ceramic Pots: Step by Step Guide

Painting is not so tough as people think. You can easily do it yourself if you have the necessary stuff and the right method. You are probably wondering about the methods. Right? No problem, we are going to help you out. You can paint your ceramic pot in two methods. These are as follows:

Method 1: Hand Painting

Hand painting is slightly harder, but you can easily turn your simple ceramic pots into a very attractive and beautiful ones as you want by this method. Besides, this painting lasts for a long time. Anyways, in this method, you need some necessary things to gather before start painting which are given below:

Things You Need to Paint a Ceramic Pot (For Hand Painting Method)

  • A Ceramic Pot
  • Latex Primer (as your need)
  • Ceramic Paint (according to your choice)
  • One or two Brushes (Small or medium size)
  • A Plastic Bowl
  • A Cotton Swab
  • A Wire Brush
  • A Crystal-Clear Acrylic Spray
  • A 200 Grit Sandpaper
  • Acrylic Sealer Spray.

These are mainly the things you need to paint a ceramic pot in the hand paint method. You will get these materials in your nearby hardware shop, or you can order them easily from online. After gathering these things, you have to take some safety measures before starting the main process. Some necessary safety measures are given below:

Safety Precautions You Need to Take Before Painting (For Hand Painting Method)

  • You should wear safety glass which will protect your eyes from different types of chemicals contained in the materials you will use.
  • You also should use hand gloves and dust masks to keep you safe from paint and other material. You should not avoid it because it is not easy to clean, even if one drop of paint sticks to your hand or face. So, to avoid these kinds of situations, it is better to take safety measures.
  • Always keep the paint away from the fireplace, gas stove, water heater, and some related things.
  • Don’t touch the paint before being dry.

After gathering materials and taking all the safety materials, you are now ready to start the process. So, without any delay, let’s get into the process.

#STEP1: Prep the Ceramic Pot

In the first step of this process, you need to prepare your ceramic pot for painting it. That is why, at first, Soak the pot in hot water for an hour. After that, scrub the pot with a hard brush. It will allow you to remove the spots, existing stickers, and dust from the surface. Then, let the pot dry.

After thoroughly drying your ceramic pot, take the sandpaper and roughen the pot. It will remove some of the glazes of the pot, which will allow your paint to adhere to the surface of the pot properly. Then, wash it up and dry completely. After that, wide it perfectly so that any dirt can’t exits. The first step is done here.

#STEP2: Apply Primer

Then in the second step, apply the latex primer on the full surface (both inside and outside) of your ceramic pot where you will paint. Now, you need to wait for being the paint to dry. After that, apply the additional coats if you feel the first coat is not covering the entire surface well. It is very important for making the design long-lasting. There have three major benefits of applying the primer to the pot.

Firstly, it will cover the existing color of the pot which you need so badly for being your painting perfectly. The second one is that it will cover the permanent spot and repaired surface (if your pot has) and lastly, applying primer will help the paint adhere to the surface perfectly.

#STEP3: Prep the Paint

Take the bowl and pour the paint on it. After that, mix the paint with the other shades if you need them. You can also thin the paint if you want by adding some water to the paint. Always try to use bowls whenever you paint something. It helps to do the process perfectly and reduces the wastage of paint.

#STEP4: Apply the Paint on the

Apply the paint on the entire surface of your ceramic pot with the foam brush. Paint thoroughly both inside and outside of the pot. Here, a frequently asked question is, “can I design my ceramic pot?”. The answer is obviously yes.

If you want to design your pot, you need some new stuff, including varieties of ceramic color and some small brush. After gathering these materials, you can start making designs on the surface. Here you have to make sure that you finished the base painting before making designs.

However, after applying the first coat, you need to give few minutes to let the paint dry. After that, apply the second coat and let it dry. After drying for the second time, check the paint on the pot. If you think you need one more coat, then apply an additional coat.

#STEP5: Seal your Paint

Now we are in the final step of this process. In this step, you need to apply the acrylic sealer spray on the paint you did. This will protect you from small scratches and dust, and at the same time, it will keep the finish of your painting fresh. By doing all these, we are done with the process.

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Method 2: Spray Painting

Are you finding the easiest way of painting a ceramic pot?  This one is the easiest way. By using this method, you will be able to paint your pot in a very short time, which will also give you an attractive look. So, if you are a very busy person and want to paint a ceramic pot, you can try this out. Here, you also have to gather some important things that you need for painting as the previous method. These are as follows:

Things You Need to Paint a Ceramic Pot (For Spray Painting Method)

  • A Ceramic Pot
  • A Primer
  • Spray Paint (According to need)
  • Warm Water (Quantitatively)
  • A Brush

These are mainly the things you need in this method. Here, you also have to take some safety precautions same as the previous method. We are not repeating the previous precautions.

Here we are just adding some new safety measures that you need in this method with the previous precautions. You should follow both in this method. These additionals are as follows:

Safety Precautions You Need to Take Before Painting (For Spray Painting Method)

  • Don’t place the pot where dust blows. It is better to choose an air-tight place.
  • Don’t keep the pot under direct sunlight because it can cause damage to the surface where you will paint.
  • Shake the spray paint bottle well before applying.
  • Always try to keep your ceramic pot in a cool and dry place.

Before starting the process, make sure you have taken all these safety measures. Anyways, now let’s get into the process.

#STEP1: Prepare the Ceramic pot for being Painted

At first, clean the entire ceramic pot very well with warm water. Use the brush to clean it properly. After that, wipe the pot and let it dry perfectly.

#STEP2: Apply Primer

In the second step, apply the primer to the surface where you want to paint. It can be both inside and outside of the pot or only outside of the pot. Nowadays, you will get primer and paint mixed in one bottle. In that case, you don’t need to use any additional primer.

#STEP3: Apply Spray Paint

Now, it is time to apply spray paint. Spray it by keeping the paint bottle 15 to 20 cm away from the ceramic pot. Make sure you are painting thoroughly to the entire pot. You can also make different types of shapes on your pot to make it more attractive.

In that case, you just need some painter tape extra and wrap an area with that tape. Then, press it well so that it can adhere to the pot very well. After that, apply paint well on the remaining area of the pot. When the process is finished, you just need to peel away the tape to get the shape design.

However, after finishing the first coat, let the paint dry. Then, apply the second coat and wait for being the paint to dry. If you found the third coat is needed, you need to finish the process by applying an additional coat again.

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Final Words

Painting your ceramic pots is a kind of fun project for adding color in your own style to the pots. If you want to make a super fancy pot for your home or garden, this article will help you a lot.

Here, we have the step-by-step process and the ultimate guidelines on painting ceramic pots or planter. We hope you have got the answers to all of your questions regarding this process in this article. Then again, if you have any other confusion, feel free to ask in the comment section. Have a good day.