Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Oil Based? [And More to Know]

Ever happened that you started a painting project with Rustoleum spray paints and in the middle of the project you got confused whether you are working with an oil-based or water-based paint? And these types of confusion should end up with this question in general: is Rustoleum spray paint oil based?

Generally speaking, yes, Rustoleum spray paints are oil-based but there could be exceptions.

is Rustoleum spray paint oil based
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And if you are about to ask: what about the other variants of Rustoleum spray paints like theRustoleum 2X Spray Paint? Are they oil-based or water-based?

In this article, we are going to cover up these relevant questions related to Rustoleum spray paints so that you can find the answers in one place and don’t need to stop your project and look for the answer here and there.

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About Rustoleum

Isn’t it odd that you are going to paint your precious project with Rust-Oleum paints and you don’t know about the brand? Well, it’s better late than sorry. Let’s take a brief look at the Rustoleum brand and its story.

Rust-Oleum was founded by a sea captain named Robert Fergusson in 1921. And the story behind this is really amazing! Once Captain Robert found that the corrosion on the rusty metal ship deck stopped from spreading when some fish oil spilled on it and this is where it all began.

Soon he made a Rust-Oleum formula with whale oil, but today’s Rust-Oleum doesn’t use whale oil anymore rather they switched to better and cruelty-free ingredients like resins that come from polyurethanes, latex, alkyds, etc.

Once it used to be a family-owned company but it’s no longer a small family-owned company, it’s now a subsidiary of RPM International, Inc. Currently, they are manufacturing various types of paint for various types of your projects.

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Oil Based?

You’ve already got some ideas that Rustoleum spray paint is oil-based. However, there are paints from Rustoleum that are water-based, Painter’s Touch brush-on paint for example. So, you shouldn’t just blindly buy a paint thinking it’s oil-based paint.

There is a way that you can check yourself if the paint is water-based or oil-based. To do that, all you need to do is check the clean-up instructions provided by the manufacturer which you will find on the label of the paint can. Just wear your glasses and look at the back of the product.

If you find the cleaning process requires mineral spirits or paint thinners, consider it to be an oil-based paint. On the other hand, if soap and water are the only things required for a cleanup then consider it to be a water-based paint.

So, whenever you are buying a Rustoleum paint apply this general principle and you will figure out yourself about the paint type.

Is Rustoleum 2X Spray Paint Oil Based?

Yes, some paint variants like the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Spray Paint will offer oil-based paints. Most of the paints of this type will be oil-based but there could be exceptions. And to avoid any confusion or any further troubles, it’s always better to ask an expert before putting any paint can to your cart.

You may check other brands from Rust-oleum like the American Accents 2X Ultra Cover or Camouflage Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint whether they offer oil-based paints or not. And we shared the trick with you earlier so that you can check yourself if the paint is oil-based or not by checking its cleaning instructions.

So, the summary would be that you will find most of the Painter’s Touch 2X Spray Paint in oil-based form, and if you find something ambiguous, immediately ask an expert or the salesperson to get clear ideas about the paint.

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint and Primer Oil Based?

Yes, products from Rust-Oleum Universal Spray Paint and Primer and Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint+Primer are oil-based. However, our general ruling for identifying an oil-based paint will remain the same. Because Rust-oleum is a huge brand and they have a wide range of paints.

So, it is not impossible that a Spray Paint and Primer product will turn out to be something other than an oil-based product. So, to be on the safe side, check everything about the paint properly before buying a product.

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Water Based?

Varathane and Industrial Choice from Rust-oleum offer water-based spray paints. And some of the Stops Rust Universal Bonding Primer and Zinsser can also come in water-based paint spray form. But there could be more water-based spray paints from Rust-Oleum, all you need to do is check before buying.

And if you were to ask: is Rust-Oleum spray paint latex based? The general answer would be that water is used as a solvent in latex, so it is water-based. And you will find paints like Rust-Oleum 1990502 Painter’s Touch Latex Paint arelatex paints with a water base.

But to find a spray can of latex paint, you need to be the detective and solve the case yourself at your nearest paint store.

Final Thoughts

There is a saying that Seeing is believing and probably this is the most appropriate quote for buying spray paints. From this article, you’ve already got some ideas about Rust-oleum’s spray paint types.

But whenever you are thinking of buying spray paints, always ask someone who has clear ideas about paint types and check yourself to find suitable paint; this will be a safer and better way of choosing spray paints.