How to Make Glossy Acrylic Paint Matte?

how to make glossy acrylic paint matte

Ever happened that you were in a tug of war between glossy and matte finish while choosing acrylic paint, you chose gloss and now you regret it? Well, you can still go back to matte because in this article we are going to explain how to make glossy acrylic paint matte, some basic comparisons between … Read more

How to Clean Walls with Flat Paint

how to clean walls with flat paint

Flat paint is a great choice for various surfaces because it works well with sprayers and rollers. It also effectively masks defects from walls that’s why it’s the first choice for many homeowners. However, there are some drawbacks of using this paint like: you are going to notice smudges, scuffs, or fingerprints on your fresh … Read more

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Oil Based? [And More to Know]

is Rustoleum spray paint oil based

Ever happened that you started a painting project with Rustoleum spray paints and in the middle of the project you got confused whether you are working with an oil-based or water-based paint? And these types of confusion should end up with this question in general: is Rustoleum spray paint oil based? Generally speaking, yes, Rustoleum … Read more